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About Christy

Christy Gillenwater:  CPT, CMFS, CGFT, RSB Coach, Balance & Stability Specialist

Christy and her husband, Trey, are the owners of Premier Fitness Studio and Christy founded the Brunswick County Wellness Center. She has over 10 years of personal/medical training and group fitness instruction in Brunswick County. She uses her medical fitness certification to fulfill her passion for helping others feel better and living their best quality of life.

Christy leads the Knockin’ Out Parkinson’s class dedicated to helping slow/stop the progression of PD by utilizing non-contact boxing for cardio, strength training, balance drills, and fine motor skills tasks.

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About Sara

Sara Fox:  CPT, CMFS

Sara and her husband, Michael, moved here in 2007 from Maryland. Sara has over 10 years of experience as a firefighter/paramedic and 7 years in law enforcement. Sara was injured in the line of duty and decided to make a change in her career. Because of her injury, Sara understands chronic pain and the struggles to recover. Her passion is to help you improve/overcome whatever physical challenges you are currently facing.

Sara leads the Percussion Fitness class allowing individuals with movement disorders to work on hand-eye coordination and rhythmic movement.

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About Gretchen

Gretchen Stephens:  Yoga RT200, RT500, Group Fitness Instructor, Senior Fitness Instructor

Gretchen and her husband, Tom, relocated to Brunswick County from Ohio. Gretchen has a passion for helping individuals build confidence in themselves in strength and breath.

Gretchen has been teaching yoga for over 5 years and recently started a low-impact aerobics class.

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